Fri, 5/26/2023
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Fri, 5/26/2023
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Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Scientific Name Terpsiphone atrocaudata
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Narcissus Flycatcher

Scientific Name Ficedula narcissina
Narcissus Flycatcher

Observation birds

Orange color means your lifer, number means population.

Long-tailed Tit / Aegithalos caudatus
Varied Tit / Sittiparus varius
Japanese Tit / Parus minor
Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker / Yungipicus kizuki
Asian Stubtail / Urosphena squameiceps
Japanese Bush Warbler / Horornis diphone
Brown-eared Bulbul / Hypsipetes amaurotis
Japanese Grosbeak / Eophona personata
White-cheeked Starling / Spodiopsar cineraceus
Japanese Paradise Flycatcher / Terpsiphone atrocaudata
Narcissus Flycatcher / Ficedula narcissina
Japanese Thrush / Turdus cardis
Eurasian Tree Sparrow / Passer montanus

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