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Sat, 2/10/2024
Birding report at 千葉県

Date and time
Sat, 2/10/2024
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18 species
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Eastern Buzzard

Scientific Name Buteo japonicus
Eastern Buzzard

千葉県 ノスリ画像

Common Reed Bunting

Scientific Name Emberiza schoeniclus
Common Reed Bunting

千葉県 オオジュリン画像

Cackling Goose

Scientific Name Branta hutchinsii
Cackling Goose

千葉県 シジュウカラガン画像

Tundra Swan

Scientific Name Cygnus columbianus
Tundra Swan

千葉県 コハクチョウ画像

Tundra Swan

千葉県 コハクチョウ画像2



Observation birds

🌟 means your lifer, number means population.

Common Kestrel
Common Kestrel / Falco tinnunculus
Eastern Buzzard
Eastern Buzzard / Buteo japonicus
Common Reed Bunting
Common Reed Bunting / Emberiza schoeniclus
Eastern Spot-billed Duck
Eastern Spot-billed Duck / Anas zonorhyncha
Common Pochard
Common Pochard / Aythya ferina
Northern Lapwing
Northern Lapwing / Vanellus vanellus
White-cheeked Starling
White-cheeked Starling / Spodiopsar cineraceus
Black Kite
Black Kite / Milvus migrans
Cackling Goose 🌟
Cackling Goose / Branta hutchinsii
Tundra Bean Goose
Tundra Bean Goose / Anser serrirostris
Baikal Teal
Baikal Teal / Sibirionetta formosa
Grey-capped Greenfinch
Grey-capped Greenfinch / Chloris sinica
Dusky Thrush
Dusky Thrush / Turdus eunomus
Bull-headed Shrike
Bull-headed Shrike / Lanius bucephalus
Grey Heron
Grey Heron / Ardea cinerea
Northern Pintail
Northern Pintail / Anas acuta
Mallard / Anas platyrhynchos
Tundra Swan
Tundra Swan / Cygnus columbianus

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